VJamm is a tool for montage compositon and performance. You can go to film school to find out what that means or you can just start VJamming and get it instantly.
To run VJamm3 you will need at least a 1GHz PC running Windows XP with an OpenGL graphics card, a sound card and 256Mb RAM (most modern desktops and laptops are fine).
* 16 channels of realtime a/v mixing, A/V mixer with OpenGL hardware acceleration.
* Huge range of functionality
for individual clip control (size, shape, soft edge luma key, opacity, position, direction
and scratch.)
* Rendering to export your compositions and jamm’s as finished piece of video for further jamming, DVD, broadcast, streaming production
* Auto BPM clip stretching with perfect timebase
* Greatly improved response and lower latency
* TV out support: VJamm plays with full quality through your television/projector/VCR etc.
* State of the art FreeFrame video effects plugins included
* Sync mode playback ideal for installations like Gridio and DJ/VJing
* Greatly improved file handling
and general stability with drag and drop clip loading.
whilst playing. Loads multiple clips.
* Loads DirectShow files so can load mpegs / avis.
* Full midi support - with midi learn and control of all parameters
* 3D clip mapping with rotating
arrays etc.
* DJ style crossfade module with transform buttons. drag n drop assignment.
* Controllable Trails for DR.Who effect
* Looping in and out points wth draggable sliders
* unique layer stack for fast and clear layering control. See state of all 16 layers.
* Individual clip control boxes for play, pause, stop. View each Clips statues
* Alpha stencil modes. User picture as a matte/vignette on any clip