New features in 2.5

Trigger Sequencer:

Included a trigger sequencer with 4 channels of each 16 steps You can link faders (etc) to each of the channel pads to the right marked 1-4 in the usual manner (drawing line with right mouse down) you can also link to each of the 16 individual timesteps (marked 1-16) below to trigger changes at a certain time. To make room for the new trigger sequencer, the LFO's and FFT controls have been made expandable. In closed state they take up 50% less space, to open the controls double click them.To close, double click again.

Wet/Dry control:

Introduced wet/dry blend control for every effect.You can use this to blend between the wet (effected) and dry (original) image. Naturally, you can link this control to any other value in Flowmotion, as well as control it with MIDI.

A/B Parameter morph:

Introduced a new knob that allows morphing between 2 sets of (up to) 12 parameters for the effects section. you can set all faders in a desired position and hit A to store them and then change all faders again and hit B to store again, now you can move the knob and all 12 faders will morph between A and B settings. Naturally, you can link this control to any other value in Flowmotion, as well as control it with MIDI.

On/off button for each effect:

Use this button to quickly turn an effect on or off. This button can be MIDI controlled.
Reset button for every effect.
Press this and the current effect is turned off, all parameters default to zero, all parameters lose their link to other controllers, but not the MIDI control. This button can be MIDI controlled.

Enhanced Features

Inverse linking:

If you drag a cable to link parameters, holding down SHIFT will link to the inverse (max-value)
Direction buttons are linkable
Made the direction buttons (forward, reverse, pingpong) linkable to trigger sequencer, and other faders, LFOs etc.

Enhanced video importing:

You should now get exactly the right number of frames for <10sec video clips. A new 'force VfW' option allows you to force the use of the Video for Windows engine to import AVI that have no DirectShow codec or otherwise import poorly using DirectShow.

Updated FFT and LFO controls:

The controls expand and contract now using the little arrows, making more room for other fun controllers like the new Trigger Sequencer, and other things to follow. LFO has a much larger range of (from Tempo / 16 to Tempo x 16) of subdivision values when syncing to main Tempo. FFT is updated as explained under 'External Preference Files' FFT, LFOs and Trigger Sequencer can now be turned off at will to save CPU performance.

Ignore midi note off:

to help midimap triggering by drum machines and grooveboxes that send note off straight after note on

Updated FreeFrame engine

The PC version has an updated FreeFrame engine, making it perform faster.

What's new in Flowmotion 2.0?

FreeFrame effect support:

FreeFrame is an open-source cross-platform real-time video effects plugin system. Support for these type of effects mean that anyone can write plugin effects in C++ or Delphi that work in Flowmotion (as well as VJamm, Resolume, Visual Jockey and others). Users can make their own FreeFrame plugins without any programming skills by combining existing FreeFrame plugins into new ones using Pete Warden's FreeChain application. There are currently more than 60 FreeFrame effects freely available, and this number is growing fast. FreeFrame support now increases the total number of realtime effects in Flowmotion 2.0 to well over 100.

Synchronize to MIDI clock:

Flowmotion 2.0 can be synchonized to soft- or hardware sequencers, drum machines, groove boxes and other hard- and software that outputs MIDI Clock, including BPM analyzers such as Red Sound Voyager. This will ensure that video loops in Flowmotion are always 100% synchronized with the beat of the music, without the need for tapping the space bar (of course you can still can use that method). Start, Stop and Continue are also recognized.
Scratch pad on every channel

Every channel in Flowmotion has a scratchpad you can use to scratch any playing video with your mouse. Of course you can link it to any audio/LFO/time/fader value or control it with MIDI devices including the ej turntable and the Mixman DM2 controller, using the DM2 to MIDI mapper

Mask layer on every channel:

Every channel can use a mask layer, for which you can use any source such as images, video clips, live camera, or generators you can make yourself in Flash or Director
Custom Gradient Wipe Transitions
Every channel can use a custom wipe transition. You can easily design your own wipes using gradient (greyscale) images.

Completely redesigned User Interface:

Flowmotion 2.0 has been completely redesigned, resulting in a cleaner, easier to use and much more beautiful interface. The interface screen now has a resolution of 1024x768, allowing for more controls, yet more space. Every effect can be controlled by up to 12 faders.

Easy linking of parameters:

Any fader or scratchpad can be linked to any other fader, scratchpad, or any LFO, FFT frequency band, or the master timer by dragging a cable between them with the right mouse button. Just as easily unlink them with a double click.
Automatically parameter feedback change.
When working with any fader, the read/write pattern display automatically updates to the current fader.

Flowmotion 2.0 is now available for Mac OS X as well as Windows computers.