AVmixer lite

AVmixer Lite is your basic audio video mixer with intuitive controls, solid performance and enough features to rock a VJ set all night. Best of all, it runs very fast even on older computers.

Feature Spotlight:

Composite Modes:

With Color Chromakey, pick any color from your video to use as a key color. There are an additional 12 composite modes: choose from Add, Subtract, Multiply, Average, and more.

Intuitive Movie Playback Controls:

Play reverse, loop pendulum, rearrange timeline... all these functions and more can be executed in real time. Featuring a vertical menu scroll system for easy browsing and triggering of movie clips. A pull-down menu stores all previously loaded content folders.

Changing the playback speed can be easily done with the turntable style pitch slider, which allows you to select a sensitivity range from 8% to 800%.