VDMX5 was created from the ground up to meet the demands of realtime video performance. Built around a robust data processing architecture it was designed to be used with whatever hardware- or software- you've got available. VDMX is a software based, media processing environment that lets you achieve stunning effects in real time. By linking together and controlling VDMX modules, you build your own virtual video studio, which is equally adept at event production, post production and motion design.

Following in the footsteps of audio software trends, video software and hardware are now fast enough to compete with expensive hardware boxes for doing real-time SD and HD mixing and FX processing. Using your Macintosh, you can achieve astonishing results that are infinitely more flexible than dedicated hardware, for a fraction of the cost. VDMX not only saves you money on hardware, but also saves time. Because of its real time architecture and a control design which encourages creative exploration, you can count on VDMX to get better results faster than working with timelines.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Taking advantage of Apple's CoreImage technology, VDMX5 leverages the latent processing power of your GPU, performing accurate and lightning-fast composition and rendering of visual effects in realtime at broadcast and HD quality. VDMX5 is also fully compatible with Quartz Composer, Apple's freely-available groundbreaking motion graphics visual development environment. Any Quartz Composer patch can be opened and played back in VDMX5, which provides an interface for controlling and interacting extensively with the loaded patch, putting the power of Quartz 2d, CoreImage, and OpenGL at your fingertips.


The rendering engine isn't all that's realtime- VDMX's workflow is designed to let you treat your studio like an instrument. Plug in a piece of midi hardware and use it to trigger clips, scratch video, fade between layers, or adjust the parameters of an effect. It's all instantaneous- no more keyframes, constant tweaking of values, or long waits for things to render. VDMX frees you to explore ideas quickly, taking you in directions you may never have thought of, and what you see is always what you get. The difference is tangible: from the moment you launch it the focus is on creating smooth, responsive video- not a timeline.

Audio/Visual Performance

Whether you are a musician looking to add video to your set, or a VJ working with a different DJ every night, VDMX5 makes bridging the worlds of audio and video easier than ever. Leveraging the power of MIDI, your favorite audio performance and sequencing software can remotely control VDMX without ever having to switch applications mid-show. Using the built-in audio analysis plugin, any effect or control in VDMX becomes audio reactive with the click of a mouse.

Modular Architecture

VDMX is just where it starts- it's merely the shell. By loading plugins from an ever-expanding list of available add-ons, you can define not only the rendering pipeline, but your interface for interacting with your video. Any setup can be saved and instantly restored, making it possible to switch between sets on the fly. VDMX isn't just a video processing application; it lets you put together the video application you need for the job instead of being tied to a single fixed interface.