NuVJ Video Mixer
Intuitive video mixer software and console for DJ's

The NuVJ package is a simple and intuitive video mixer with a classic A/B DJ deck layout. It combines a 2 channel video mixing software with a tailor made hardware controller that allows to mix, scratch, and apply effects to video clips and images without having to resort to the mouse. It's aimed at anyone looking for an easy way to mix visuals live in real time such as DJs that want to add visual to their performances.

The NuVJ is the result of the combined expertise of Numark and ArKaos to create a hardware/software product that is a natural extension of the DJ set up.

The NuVJ lets you incorporate images and video clips in much the same way as mixing music, add effects to them, mix them through an onboard DJ style crossfader and tweak them in order to create unique and spectacular shows.

The hardware controller works seamlessly with existing DJ gear and comes with a dedicated video mixer software that is compatible with most computers and laptops. The NuVJ is simply easier, better and more affordable than any other VJ product on the market.


The NuVJ's intuitive controller interface makes it easy to use and fun to play live. Switch to automatic mode, and let it run by itself to the beat of the music...

Controller features:

• 2 banks of 9 sets of trigger pads for video
• Big wheels for scratch, effect, and speed control
• Automated one touch fade speeds
• MIDI compliant – can be used as controller for various devices

Software features:

• Video sample playback, looping, and effects from multiple sources
• Automated play for stand-alone operation
• Internal generation of artificial patterns and backgrounds (Visualizer)
• Synchronization to audio in or internal BPM generator
• Processing of external camera or other video input
• Real time effects generation
• Various cross-over patterns and functions between at least two Visual/EFX combinations
• Library of visuals supplied